If you are new to LU or you have a new extension you will need to setup your voicemail.  Follow the instructions below to create or change your greeting, set your password, or review your messages.

1.  Push the envelope key on the phone.

2.  Listen for prompts.

    If it prompts you for a password enter "1234".

3.  Select option 4 to change your profile, greetings, and name.

    Follow the prompts to record your name, greeting and set your password.

To review or listen to your voicemail:

1.  Push the envelope key on the phone.

2.  Enter your password

3.  Play current message

    During playback push the following key for the assigned action.

    0 no header, just plays the message (no date and time)

    1 repeat message

    2 save current message

    3 delete current message

    5 forward message to an extension

    6 play previous message

    7 rewind message

    8 pause message

    9 skip ahead 3 seconds

    # play next message

    ## End review of messages