Most of the world, including educators, are using social media to connect to students, parents, community members, and colleagues.   This can be a very powerful tool because this is where our students are interacting.  So, let's meet them where they are!  But lets do it in a safe and appropriate way.  Liberty Union has a school board approved Social Media Policy (attached below) that you should adhere to at all times.   I will be using Twitter for Android in the example below.  Although this example is specific to Twitter, the same guidelines regarding posting, following, privacy, and notifications should be followed for ALL social media accounts.  If you need help with the settings in specific social media outlets, please contact the IT Department.

First and foremost, if you use any social media outlet, you should separate your personal and professional accounts.

If you are using your professional account you should describe it as such within the bio section.  Here are directions to edit your account bio.

TWITTER for Android

  Open the Twitter app and tap your profile picture in the upper left corner.  This will expand the menu and options.

  Tap on your profile picture once again to show your current profile.

  1.  Tap on the "Edit Profile" option.  (All options are optional and not required).  If you plan on using your professional account the BIO portion is strongly suggested.
  2. Cover Photo
  3. Profile Picture
  4. Name of Account
    1. BIO
    2. This is where you want to add or edit the description of your account.
  5. Location
  6. Website
  7. Birth date

Tap SAVE in the upper right hang corner.  You have now added or edited your profile.

Next you should check your privacy and security settings.  Below are the recommended settings.

  1.   Open the Twitter app and tap your profile picture in the upper left corner.  This will expand the menu and options.
  2.   Tap "Settings and privacy"
  3.   Tap "Privacy and safety"
    1.   Photo Tagging:  set to "Only people you follow can tag you"
      1. This way you do not get tagged in any inappropriate photos by some other user(s).
    2.   Direct Messages:  Set slider to the LEFT for OFF.
      1. You do not want students or anyone else directly messaging you.
    3.   Safety
      1. Turn OFF  "Display media that may contain sensitive content."
    4. Personalization and Data
      1. Set this to "OFF"

Once you have your account created, your profile saved, and your settings set, you can now begin to use the app.

  1. Start following people you know, respect, and like professionally.
    1. Students may follow you to get updates, information, and assignments but you should not follow them back no matter the intentions.
  3. Start Posting
    1.   Do show your accomplishments, achievements, and topics regarding your class or profession.
    2.   DO NOT share personal information, pictures, or opinions.  Use your personal account for this.
    3.   DO NOT post or share stories that do not reflect well on you or your profession.
  4. Verify you have NOTIFICATIONS turned on for Twitter or any other social media app installed and you are using.
    1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
    2. Tap "Apps & Notifications"
    3. Find the Twitter App and tap to open
    4. Tap on Notifications
    5. Show Notifications
      1. Slider should be to the right for ON.

Personal Account:

If your personal account is open to the public and you are connected to the district in any way you should refrain from

  1.  Posting photos containing alcohol, drugs, or explicit language.
  2. "Tagging" fellow teachers.
  3. Friending or following current students
  4. Posting or sharing anything about the district unless it is the Official District posting.

    You should use a disclaimer such as "The postings on this site are my own and do not reflect or represent the opinions of the District for which I work."

**The district approved policy is HERE.  This was agreed to and signed by all staff members. Please take the highest regard when posting anything on social media.