It is necessary to reserve meeting rooms or conference rooms using your Google Calendar.  By reserving your room it lets others know where your meeting is, and the room cannot be double booked.  If you reserve the room and it is already booked you will be notified that it is not available during your selected time.  Use the step below to learn how to schedule your meetings and conference/meeting rooms.

  1. Open your google calendar and double click on the date you wish to hold your meeting.
  2. Enter the details of your meeting.
    1. Time, description, conferencing via Google Hangouts, etc...
  3. On the right hand side of the details section is the invite and room section.  Click "Rooms"
    1. You can invite others to your meeting
    2. Reserve the meeting room
      Once you click on "Rooms", a list of available buildings and rooms will appear.
  4.   Use the drop down menu to select the room you wish to reserve

  5.   Expand the building to show the rooms available.  Click on the room you wish to reserve.

  6. After you click on the room you wish to reserve the "Location" area will change in the details section.
  7. At this point you may click "Save".  Your Date, Time, and Location are now reserved.  If someone else were to select the room during your reserved time they will be notified that it is not available.

You should have any issues or questions regarding this process please contact the LU Help Desk.