Basic Use and functionality of Magic Monitor Security Camera System

Magic Monitor

Magic Monitor is the monitoring software for LU's security cameras.  This is a live look in on your building or cameras located throughout the district.

Magic Forensics

Magic Forensics is the search, export, and save program for LU's security cameras.  This allows you to search date,time,camera, etc...

Magic Monitor

When you first log into Magic Monitor you will see a blank screen.  This is where you can create your personalized looks, layouts, and tours.

Here we would select our server (building) which would then show a list of cameras.  We can then drag and drop our camera views into our layout.

The above example is the High School Gym and the gym's doors.  This is a live look not a search.

You may create as many layouts as you wish, name them, and save them for future use.

Magic Forensics

Magic Forensics is the application we would use to search for an incident, person, or date or time.  We would select our search criteria and then select the cameras we want to search in that search criteria.  You may select as many camera views as needed.  NOTE:  The more camera views the slower the videos will be due to bandwidth.

Search Criteria

To select the search criteria we would select the "Search Range" from our menu to the left of the screen.  Enter the type of search criteria we would like and click search.

Below is the quick search function menu.

After selecting our range we want to search we then want to select the camera view we want to be included.  Click on a server (building) and a list of cameras will show with thumbnails.  You can narrow your search by using the search field above the list of cameras.  For example, Hallway or Doors.  The results would then be any cameras including those keywords.

Below the images you can see the video controls, the camera names and activity highlighted in pink.  At this point you can then search by playing the video or dragging the green position line to a preferred location within the pink area.  Here you can add as many cameras as you would like.

To export or save a clip or file, click on the export button below the image in the controls area.  (Last button to the right)

This will bring up a yellow box which you can expand to include that actvity into your export.

The save or export dialog will then appear.  Select or browse to where you would like to save the video clip and click export.