Follow this guide below to place an Instant Connect call, text, or email to staff and student's parents/guardians.

You will first need to search and download the app in the Google Play Store or iTunes.

Android App:  eSchoolView Instant Connect

iPhone:  Bright Arrow Target Mobile

In the screen shots below the android app is being used.


Login in using the credentials you were assigned.


Select "Create & Send Message"

Select Delivery Type

Select the type of message you want to send.  Check all that apply.

Enter Message

Enter the text and email message if selected in previous step.


Record Your Message

Select "Record Using Microphone"


Click Done when you have finished your recording.

Preview Recording

Push "Play directly on device" to preview your recording.

Select Message List

Check the list that you want to send message to.  Click all that apply.

Send Message

You may either "Send the Message Now", "Schedule Message", or save the message to be used in the future.

  If you select "Schedule Message" you will be prompted to enter time and date.

  Once you set the time and date click the "Schedule Message" button at the bottom

  to schedule the message.