Google File Stream is a way to connect your Google Drive to your workstation without using a browser.  File Stream will install a local directory named "Google File Stream" and add it to your file tree.  This will allow access to your Google Drive right from Windows Explorer.  Follow the instructions below to install Google File Stream on your workstation.

Installing Google File Stream

  1. Log into your workstation using your LU credentials.

  2. Double click on "MY APPS" to open up LU Applications

  3. Find Google File Stream and double click the icon.

  4. Installation will begin

  5. When prompted enter your Google Account information.
    If you are not prompted you may need to click on the Windows Icon, All Programs, and then Google File Stream.
      This will open up the following window to sign into your account.

  6. File Stream in now installed.  Open File Explorer and you will see your new directory.

  7. You now have access to your Google Drive without using a browser.