If you would like an easier way to access your Google Drive without logging into Google then install Google Drive Sync.

Google Drive Sync will synchronize your files in both directions, To Google Drive from your computer and To your computer from Google Drive.  This is done by a folder named Google Drive being created on your workstation.  Anything you save in this location will then be uploaded to your Google Drive and vice versa.  Anything saved in your google drive will then be saved to the Google Drive folder on your workstation.  You will no longer have to log into Google's website to create, view, or edit your docs, slides, or sheets while using your LU workstation or laptop.  To install the Google Drive Sync application follow the instructions below.

Google Drive Sync Installation Instructions

  1. Once logged into your workstation open LU Applications.  Locate the Google Drive Icon and double click.


  2. Google Drive will then begin to install on your workstation.


  3. You will notice some new Icons on your desktop.


  4. A new window will appear asking you to log into your LU Google Account.  Enter your LU Google Account information.

  5. Once you have logged into your LU Google Account the new directory will be created and synchronization will begin.

  6. To access this folder in the future simply click on the LU Google Drive shortcut on your desktop.  This will open the folder containing all your synced files.


This completes the installation of Google Drive Sync.  If you should have any issues please submit a LU Help Desk Ticket.