Import Assignment Marks for a Default or Custom Setup 1 Class

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You can import assignment marks from a third-party testing or scanning device for any assignment, except
for floating assignments, during any grading period except in the “+” grading period. The file you are
importing must be a .csv (comma separated values) file that contains the student's district ID in the first field
and assignment mark in the second field. You can import assignment marks into a class group only if the
assignment was created in the class group. If the assignment was originally created in one of the classes
included in the group, then you have to import the assignment marks from the class in which the assignment
was created. Once you have imported the file, the assignment marks display on the Assignment Mark Import
screen next to the current assignment marks for you to review before saving. You also have the option to
overwrite existing marks.

1. On the Assignment Marks screen, click the Import the Marks link.

2. On the Assignment Mark Import screen, click Browse to find the appropriate .csv file on your computer.

3. On the Choose file window, navigate to the appropriate file and then click Open.

4. Click Import the marks.

The students for which marks were imported, imported mark, current mark and symbol indicating the
status of the imported mark and error messages, if any, display in the grid.
GradeBook checks the .csv file for the following requirements before the marks are successfully
• Valid student district ID

• Student must be enrolled in the class for which the assignment marks are being imported

• Assignment mark must be valid for assignment type associated with assignment

• Assignment mark cannot be longer than 100 characters

If any of these requirements are not met after the file is imported, various error messages may display
describing the reason the marks cannot be imported.

5. If it is necessary to designate the first row in the file as the header row, select the Yes option for First
row contains headers?, browse for the file to import and click Import the Marks.
Note: You can click the Return to Assignment link in the Web site banner at any time to return to
the Assignment Marks screen.

6. To overwrite the existing marks with the imported marks, select the Yes option for Override existing

Note: If an assignment was previously marked as Missing, when you save the imported marks
file, the assignment is no longer Missing. Saving the imported marks file, however, does not
overwrite an assignment that was previously marked as Excluded or has comments associated
with it.

7. Click Save.
The imported marks displays on the Assignment Marks screen.
Note: You can hover over the student's name to view an updated average.