Novell logins or anything related to Novell is no more.  Novell is now MicroFocus and their client is now OES Client or what we call LU Network Client.  To gain access to the school's network and its servers you must login using the LU Network Client.  If you do not have the LU Network Client follow these instructions below.

Installation Instructions:

  1.  Open My Applicattion from your desktop.

  2.  Look for and find the LU Network Client Icon and double click to begin the installation process.

  3.  Click the Install button on Windows Security popup.

  4.  A restore point will then be created.

  5.  Installation will begin by copying files.

  6.  A reboot is required to complete installation.

This completes the installation of the LU Network Client.  If you have further issues please submit a help desk ticket.

You may also view this article for other information regarding the LU Network Client.