Below are instructions on how to forward your Gmail to your GroupWise account email.  If you forward your GMail you will no longer have to check two different accounts as all your email will come into your GroupWise inbox.


1.  Log into your School provided Google Account.
2.  Click the Apps Menu and select Gmail.
3.  Click on the gear to open up Gmail settings in the upper right hand corner.
4.  Click on the forwarding POP/IMAP tab at the top of the page.
5.  Click Add Forwarding Address.
6.  Enter your school provided email address (GroupWise)
7.  Verify your GroupWise email address is showing in the drop down menu.
8.  Select what you want to happen after forward, select an option from the drop down menu.
9.  Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Your GMail will now be forwarded to GroupWise.

Or you can follow along this video.