*VPN Connections should only be given to personnel who need the ability to work from home. DO Staff, IT Administration.

*VPN Connections can be given to a staff member on medical leave but it should only be temporary.

*Staff Members must be in the VPN group in Novell Imanager

*Personal computers being set up with the VPN client MUST have an active Anti-Virus. Once the connection begins that home computer is essentially on our network.

Set up the staff members LUTS Workstation to accept RDP connections

Start> right click computer>properties

on the left hand side select remote settings

Check the box at the top

select the 3rd option on the bottom section

click apply

Now you can configure the Staff members personal computer

Install the attached exe "Any Connect"

once installed open the file and enter the following for the settings

Click the gear Icon and match your settings to those below

You can close this window and return to the first, then click "connect" (be sure you are connecting to vpn.libertyunion.org)

A warning will appear. Click "connect Anyway"

You will then receive a log in box. Fill in the the fields with the correct information

Group: Staff



Click Connect

You will see a successful connection notification like below

This means you are connected

Now on the Staff personal computer click start and find remote desktop

enter in the computer name or the ip address and click connect

Then the staff member will enter in there credentials and connect to their device.

The staff member will then be connected to their LU Workstation

It is a remote desktop so it is just like they are sitting in front of their screen.