Liberty Union uses a software program called PaperCut to track and control user printing and copying.  Each staff member and High School Student is allocated a budget amount for printing.  By Default this is set at $50.00 per month for staff which allows for 2,500 black and white copies/pages.  High School Students have a default amount of $10.00/year.  Students can add funds to their printing accounts by seeing the Asst. Principal if needed.

Below you will find instructions on how to use PaperCut's web interface.

Logging In To PaperCut

Logging in to PaperCut will enable you to view statistics and other information regarding your personal printing account.  A desktop shortcut has been placed on each users desktop.  Double clicking this shortcut will take you to the login page.  This shortcut is a school shortcut and cannot be deleted.

Once the login page appears you will need to enter your school provided login information and click "Log in".

This information is the same as your computer login.

Once you are logged in you will be taken to your account summary page.  On this page you can view your 4 digit pin number that is required to be entered at all the districts copiers.

You will need this pin if you make copies or send print jobs to the copiers throughout the district.

Pending Jobs

On the left hand side you will see other options including Jobs Pending Release.  If you click on this menu item you can release your held print jobs.

Print jobs will be held in the printer queue for 24 hours.  After 24 hours the job will be deleted.

Listed in the Jobs Pending Release you can see information regarding all print jobs pending/held in queue including the cost of the print job.

You also have the option to delete any jobs pending.