Due to an installation error of the OHSecureBrowser the following must be done to enable users to take the online test.

If the user receives the error "Environment not safe..." error please do the following.

Users must be logged into Novell/Device as the username "Testing" and the password "testing"

1st scenario:
If the OHSecureBrowser is already installed and on the user's desktop:

 1.  Verify they are logged in as the user "Testing" with the password "testing".

 2.  Refresh ZenWorks

 3.  Double click the following icon on the user's desktop "Ohio Security Policy"


4.  Allow this to finish installation and then re-open the OHSecureBrowser


2nd scenario:

If the OHSecureBrowser is not installed or located on the user's desktop:

  Follow 1 and 2 above and then do the following:

 1.  Open Liberty Union Applications


 2.  Select and double click the OHSecureBrowser

     This will install the browser and security policy.

3.  Wait until the OHSecureBrowser icon appears on the desktop.


4.  Double click the icon to launch the OHSecure Browser.

The student should now be able to log in to the testing site and begin testing.