Some resources you, as a staff member, will be using require you to use Google Chrome.  Follow the steps below to install and configure Google Chrome.

1.  Install Google Chrome from LU Applications

2.  Once installed, open Google Chrome by double clicking the icon located on your desktop.

3.  The first time you open Google Chrome you should see the following:

**If you have a google account you may login here.  But at this point we want to import our bookmarks/favorites from Internet Explorer.

4.  To import bookmarks click on the main menu located on the right of the browser.

5.  Select "Import bookmarks and settings...."

6.  Do not change anything here and click IMPORT

7.  Successful import message

8.  Click DONE

9.  Do not make any changes on Settings page and close the tab by clicking on the "x" on the tab.

10.  You can now type in your user information (optional) or type in any address in the address bar.
Google Chrome is now ready for use.

If you should have any issues please submit a ticket via

*Chrome will only be made available for a limited time for testing requirements.
**Chrome will be automatically UNINSTALLED once the requirement has been met.