To install the PolyVision drivers and software follow these steps.

1.  Double Click the Liberty Union Applications Icon


2.  Select ALL to view all bundles assigned to you or the workstation

3.  Locate the PolyVision Bundle and double click to begin installation

Follow the on screen prompts to continue with installation.

  For Bluetooth Connections:  You will have to pair the devices via BlueTooth.

  Right Click on Bluetooth icon located in taskbar.

  Select "Show Bluetooth Devices"

  Click "Add Device"

  Icons will appear, select the PV Board that matches the number on the PV Board Dongle and click Next.

  In next window Select Enter the Devices Pairing Code.  Pairing code is 1234

  Once the device are paired go onto step 4.

4.  Add PV Board

a.  A new window will appear, if the PV Board is not listed, Click "Find serial whiteboards" or if you have a stylus click "Pair Stylus"

b.  Follow prompts on screen for Stylus

5.  Under "User Settings"

turn ON Fixed Projector

** This option will save the alignment and prevent aligning the board for each use

turn OFF Automatic Update Check

turn ON "Search COM Ports On"

**This option is for boards that are using a bluetooth dongle or USB cable to connect to your workstation.