This error occurs when the workstation cannot connect to either of the authentication servers or the connection has timed out.

This can also occur when the settings for the client do not save or keep or if the device is not connected to the network.

You can review this KB article for wireless connection and student devices


Verify if the device is connected to the schools WiFi network or the cable is connected to a network port located on the wall.

Verify that the user is logging in to Novell and not Computer Only.

Check advanced settings:

Click on the advance button on the Novell Login window and enter the following under the eDirectory tab.


Tree:  Liberty_Union

Context: (leave blank) or select your class from the drop down list.  If staff member select your building ie (EL_Staff.ELEM)

Server:Liberty1.lut.local (for HS Users)  Liberty2.lut.local (for EL, MS, DO users)