Grade Cam issues and set up


Here are some suggestions to help you with your camera setup:

1) A USB connection to your computer is needed (unless you are using an internal laptop Camera)

2) Make sure no other software for your camera is running the same time you want to use it with GradeCam.

3) If the image in GradeCam does not show your camera, go into the GradeCam’s Settings tab and select->Scanning. In the Select Camera drop down menu you will see a list of USB cameras that GradeCam recognizes (your camera must be connected at this time). Select the appropriate Camera. You will need to refresh your browser.

At this time GradeCam will work with many document cameras but only if they have a USB driver that allows them to be used like a web camera. Many newer doc cameras have this feature, but not all. If none of this helps please contact us with the make and model of your camera, and we will let you know if we have any information about its compatibility. There are TONS of document cameras. We have information about most popular cameras but not all.

Entering your class roster

Create a CSV file.

Each gradebook is different but most allow you to export a .CSV file. Consult with your gradebooks help guid to download a .CSV of a single class roster.  A csv file can be created through DASL.

Your CSV should contain the student name, ID number, and a class section number.

Click here for screen shots and additional information.

Click here if you are trying to add a teacher.


For all other issues please refer to GradeCam support.